Netflix Joins Hands With Big Mouth

The streaming network giant Netflix is on a renewal spree as is evident from its new moves! The company has signed a deal with animation company Brutus Pink- for its popular adult animated series named Big Mouth.

The animation entity is headed by a team of 4 namely- Mark Levin, Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, and Jennifer Flackett. Kroll also handles the voice cast with another team. Three more seasons of Big Mouth will be aired by Netflix-as per the new multi-year deal.

Who gives the voice over?

In the sitcom Big Mouth, Kroll provides the voice of Nick Birch, a character struggling with his sexual feelings and fluctuating confidence level. Kroll also voices many other characters in the series including Maurice the Hormone Monster. John Mulaney, the Saturday Night Live former writer gives voice to Andrew Glouberman, Nick’s friend.  The show’s other voice cast includes numerous comedians, like Jenny Slate, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Jason Mantzoukas, Jordan Peele. All of them are pretty excited about the Netflix deal.

Accolades that added to the show’s popularity

The show has already bagged a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program. It was the youngest series to get the nomination. The team of 4 is headed to Montreal to get the award of Comedy Writers of the Year. This development is likely to add to the popularity of the show.

Why development matters?

This is going to be a multi-year pact, as per the updates and the team will work on the series. The series Big Mouth will extend beyond Season 6. The company may also create new TV and animated series through Brutus Pink delving on adult themes with a tinge of emotion and fun. The three-season renewal is final and Big Mouth’s season 3 will debut on the streaming platform this fall- as per the news.

Big Mouth has a big fan following- beyond doubt. This is one of the rare series to deal with the important yet sensitive issue of kids stepping into puberty and the repercussions. It is said to be inspired by the childhood memories and experiences of Kroll and Goldberg. The series is based on a group of friends and their hormones depicted as monsters as they explore the onset of adolescence and sexuality. Not many animated series deals with such matters and still keep the content entertaining.

Netflix is also upbeat about the deal. The company’s head of adult animation Mike Moon said that Big Mouth captures the most awkward phase of human life in a brilliant way while infusing humor in it. He added that Netflix is happy to carry on the professional association with Brutus Pink and it will definitely like to bring in content involving such matters and humor. Brutus Pink also echoed similar views.

What does it mean for Netflix?

Netflix is a top internet entertainment service provider with more than 151 million paid memberships spread in 190 countries so far. It streams a lot of animated shows and those have a steady viewership. However, the giant is now about to face competition from Disney Plus and the company is in no mood to lose the throne of cartoon king. Disney already has a huge number of animated content. This can be one of the factors leading to the Netflix signing the deal with Brutus Pink. In fact, Netflix may opt for many such tie-ups to enhance its range of animated content.




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