LG OLED Vs. Samsung QLED: Which One Should You Buy?

High definition pictures have now become the order of the day in the aspect of television viewing, and users are certainly not letting up in their quest to get the best of the best.

n this article, you will be getting exposed to the core differences existing between QLED and OLED, and why you should go for anyone of them if you truly demand a rich viewing experience.

Picture Quality

Samsung has certainly bamboozled the TV market with their spectrum of QLED products in recent times. They have simply touched the heavens with the kind of slick TVs they have brought out for their customers. From their incredibly stunning 8K 98-inch behemoths to other slick TVs designed to appear like modern arts and paintings, Samsung’ QLED products have been nothing short of absolute brilliance.

But hear this, if you are after a TV with the best of picture quality, then you will have no choice but to stay away from Samsung QLED because their technology seem to be falling short in that regards. OLED TVs are far better in terms of picture quality.

A couple of review comparison between Samsung latest QLED TV and LG OLED TV were carried out, and majority of persons voted LG OLED TV to be practically on top in terms of the picture quality.

Summarizing the two technologies can also be a good way to know what their selling points and strengths are:

Difference between QLED and OLED

  • QLED simply means quantum dot LED TV
  • OLED means organic light emitting diode
  • OLED is a very different type of television when compared to the normal LCDs we have today
  • QLED is more like an extension of LCDs; it’s just a step away due to the quantum dot that is included to its LCD.
  • OLED is fond of giving out its own light.
  • QLED is transmissive, and it cannot work when there is no LED back light.


If you did get anything from the preceding section, it is the fact that QLED is closely related to LCD with just some slight difference in their manner of operation. But is it the same thing with OLED? The answer is definitely No! OLED is certainly no brother to LCD. They are worlds apart and have almost nothing in common.

You must understand that LCDs are dominating today’s flat panel TV market for some very obvious reasons.

OLEDs do not have to function with the help of an LED backlight. Rather it produces its own light with the help of millions of OLED sub-pixels. That is why they are referred to as emissive display technologies. This very small difference between these technologies is what is responsible for the difference in picture quality that you will always get with OLED. OLED TVs are not only sold by LG, Sony, Phillips and Panasonic also sell them as well.

Between QLEDs and OLEDs, the former seem to have much more variations. For instance, Samsung has got QLED series that have different quality, with the best of them qualifying as the most expensive. Their products are highly varied because they lack quantum dots. OLEDs on the other hand are not like that. Their image quality seem to be all good and fascinating.

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