Jump between Linux and Windows with these Apps

Many programmers love working with Linux, thanks to the no-nonsense nature of the operating system. However, when you need a bit of respite like listening to music on Spotify or working on Adobe photoshop for changing your family pictures, Linux can be painful.

Currently, many Linux operators prefer the OS also due to its safer operating environment. This is likely to become more important as cyber-attacks become more prominent, thanks to the growing influx of consumers on Windows OS. Hence, Linux operators are definitely making the wiser choice to stick with the OS.

Below are 9 apps to help you stick with your awesome choice!


Spotify has become the go-to option for music lovers around the world. Most people don’t mind the unscription that lets them listen to unlimited music at the touch of their fingertips. So, if you are one such music lover, check out this version of Spotify and make the most out of your weekdays.

Now before you go and start streaming, do remember, this version does come with support. So, as an expert Linux user, you will have to do the support yourself! Does that sound good?


So, according to a few surveys, quite a few Linux users really enjoyed the Google Hangout services. Why? Perhaps, the platform provided them wings to connect and share technical expertise unlike its dumber cousin – Facebook. If you want to use Hangouts on Linux, try download YakYak. This app will enable you to send and receive a Hangouts message without a worry!

However, do keep in mind, Hangouts is leaving us all soon. So, enjoy the small pleasures, while they last!


There is probably no real alternative to professional photo tool like Adobe Photoshop. However, softwares like GIMP are superb in its own right! The software does have a compatibility issue with photoshop but you can get past these by saving PSD files in RGB. To add a cherry on top, this software is free. So, let’s click a few more pictures on the next fishing trip, shall we?


Now, do you need a cross-platform solution to switch to Mac once in a while? Something similar to Parellels? Don’t fret. VirtualBox promises the go-to desktop virtualization solution on many platforms. Moreover, this is free too!


Have you tried the LibreOffice? This promises real freedom from purchasing Office 365. Yes, the office is still the best in terms of features, but hey, if you are an average user, you won’t be able to tell the difference here. Moreover, this is free. So, you can count it to save you tons of money and also opens office files without a hitch.

Auto Text Expander

Textexpander is important for several programmers. Now, there is a Linux extension for chrome which is bound to make your life, a whole lot easier. This is the Auto Text Expander for Chrome. This version is limited to Chrome at the moment, but at least solves a critical problem partially! Better than nothing, we say!


Did you know that you can use all the Dropbox services using a GPL source distribution? Yes, moreover with its subscription, you can extend the number of devices it is used on. This is bound to give you tons of flexibility for heavy file use daily.


Tinkercad is a really fun tool, which promises to give you a real edge in all your designing requirements. The tool is a lesser version of Fusion360. So, if you are really going to need Fusion 360, we suggest you set it up with VirtualBox VM. You will need a beast of a computer to run this, but it’s been done before.

Moreover, there are many apps like password managers and Google Keep which can be replaced with a Linux version. So, the Linux bird promises to chirp more sweetly in the near future.



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