Hate Notifications In Chrome? Here is how to Block it

Do we just love Google Chrome or what? In 2019, Google Chrome became the most widely used web browser in the world. The browser now handles half of the web-traffic.

Moreover, the second contender Safari isn’t even close in the race. However, Chrome’s rise has also come with some terrible invasions of privacy and some annoying pop-ups.

For example, did you know that Google now can listen to your voice and uses it to train its assistant AI? Moreover, when you are not looking, your Gmail is making a list of your purchases and saving the information on your Google account? Well, the good news is there are ways around everything.

But, right now you are probably bothered by Chrome’s constant nagging with website notifications. You will encounter these notifications on every website, asking you to store your personal data and send you desktop notifications. This gets really annoying, especially on news portals. Ok, so I get onto the web in the first place to escape the 24/7 parade of news drama and soap operas. Why would anyone want to start the circus all over again on the web?

So, we have found a way to put this dog out of his misery! Check out the 5 simple steps below.

Step 1: Launch Chrome’s setting menu.

On the top right-hand corner in your Chrome browser, you will find a scroll down menu which leads to settings. The menu is right next to your address bar. We know, we know, this reads like ‘internet for dummies’ but bear with us. It is late in the afternoon. Promise to get better!

2. Find the “Advanced” menu

In the settings tab, you will encounter a terrible mix of jumbled options Do not panic! Scroll down to the bottom to select ‘advanced’. This is where the real treasure is hidden for various privacy settings too!

3. Choose “Site Settings”

Among the various tabs in the advanced section, choose the ‘privacy and security’ tab. This tab will lead you to ‘site settings’. Now, this where we will find the fiend asking us to sign for desktop notifications!

4. Look for “Notifications”

Inside the ‘site settings’ menu, please select ‘notifications’. Here you will see an option, ‘ ask before sending’. This option is in your recommended list of settings. However, this is trickery on Chrome’s part to get you to sign up for something you don’t need. What this really does is it allows websites uninterrupted access to get between you and the free web (if it is still free anymore…). In order to get rid of it, you need to toggle the setting.

Now, wait, some of you might say, ‘hey, but can allow or block websites in this setting too, right’? And yes, the real answer is you can. But, please keep in mind, you will have to take allow all or block all approach here. Because, realistically, will you be blocking all the annoying websites that send ask your permission for these notifications? Don’t go down that road. Block everything!

5. Christmas Gift: Disable Chrome’s access to Your Location

Now, we are done with the notification setting. But, you may still have privacy concerns based on what we discussed earlier. Among these, there is something that does not sit well in our gut. Chrome settings allow it to track your location.

So, while you are opening doors to some free web, let’s try one more thing. Go back to ‘site settings’ and choose ‘location’. Here, select ‘Block’ to remove access of random websites to check your location.

This has a downside to it. Some websites may need your access to deliver their services like a food delivery app. But, for now, rest easy knowing your life is still your own and you can turn it back on if you really can’t do away without overpriced food.


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