Fortnite Week Challenges and How to complete them

The final weekly challenges for Fortnite has finally arrived this means that Season 9 of Fortnite only has a few days left. Don’t worry because Season 10 has a lot in store for us and is definitely something to look forward to.

Free Challenges

These challenges are the ones available to all users, even to players who did not purchase the Season 9 Battle Pass.

Use an Air Strike in 3 different matches.

The first mission is fairly easy and all you need is a bit of luck in order to finish it. It makes use of the newest item in the game, the Air Strike. The easiest way to do this is to just jump into solos and try to drop at locations with a lot of chests but only a few people. It’s best if you land at a place quite far from the battle bus.

Deal 500 damage using Shotguns

This is again an easy challenge to do, all you need is a Shotgun and some opponents to shoot at. I suggest doing this in the Team Rumble game mode so that you can easily get a Shotgun and do the 500 damage all in one game.

Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a single game

This is probably one of the harder challenges this week. It’s easy to find Ammo Boxes but finding 7 before you get killed is not as easy. The best way to do this is probably in Team Rumble once again since you are usually safe for the first few minutes because of the map being split.

Those are all the free challenges for this week. Have fun completing them!

Battle Pass Challenges

These 4 extra challenges are only available to those who have the Season 9 Battle Pass.

Visit 5 different public service announcements

This is probably one of the more interesting challenges this week as this probably leads us to the upcoming event, which players are speculating to be a huge monster vs robot fight. The public service announcements are pretty easy to spot since they are usually big. These signs are scattered throughout Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, and Pressure Plant, with Pressure Plant having the most ones, so I suggest starting there.


The next challenge consists of stages but you just need to collect some materials to complete them.

(Stage 1) Collect a total of 100 Wood from Pirate Ship or Viking Ship

The Pirate Ship is located in Lazy Lagoon and the Viking Ship is located in the mountain with the waterfalls near Snobby Shores. You just need to gather 100 wood from any of these ships and you should be good to go.

(Stage 2) Collect a total of 100 Stone from Fork Knife or Umbrella

These locations are actually holes in the ground with some loot and stones in them. You can find the Fork Knife by going north from Fatal Fields while you can find the Umbrella just south east of The Block.

(Stage 3) Collect a total of 100 Metal from a Robot Factory

The last stage brings us back to the giant robot in Pressure Plant. Simply collect a total of 100 metal from the area and you should be good to go.

Eliminate 3 opponents in Pleasant Park or Paradise Palms

This challenge is probably the hardest out of all the week 10 challenges, since it requires you to eliminate players from a certain area. Good thing that Pleasant Park and Paradise Palms are popular drop locations so you should be able to do this. Take care though, there might be more people dropping there than usual.

Deal 200 damage to opponents with Pickaxe

The easiest way to do this is to land directly on top of an opponent straight from the Battle Bus. You might die a few times but you’ll get there eventually. Another easy way to do this is to try and wait till you get automatically dropped off the Battle Bus. Disconnected or AFK players are usually jumping out with you, all you need to do know is wait for them to reach the ground and pickaxe away.

Those are the final set of weekly challenges, make sure to have fun while completing them. Fortnite’s Season 10 awaits us and we never know what the new season will bring.

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