4 Best Tips to Start a Winning Streak on Overwatch

If you’re like most players, you’ve not experienced the ultimate joy of having eight straight game wins in Overwatch.

Most of the time, you’d put in all efforts, creativity, and sacrifice lots of things to win in the game — and you’d end up just winning once in a while.

Even back to back wins may seem like a mirage to some players.

Fret not! Your sadness is over as you’re about to discover some of the excellent tips that would transform you from an amateur to a pro.

Here’s the thing; playing like a pro is hard — and some folks achieve some level of perfection in the game by merely playing with one game every time.

Too bad! Isn’t it?

True Overwatch masters are folks who can maintain at least eight games winning streak using various game characters.

Switching from one character to the next is the real deal — and here are four best tips to help you start a winning streak today.

  1. Master one Character From Each Class

One of the magic ingredients in Overwatch is mastering at least one hero from each class.

During gameplay, you’re most likely to get a prompt before switching between characters.

However, if you’re playing with a team of amateur players, you’re most likely to play with folks who are not flexible and would want to play with their favorite heroes at all cost.

Well, you can bring a balance by mastering at least one character from each class.

Therefore, when your team would require an offense or defense player, you’re there to lend a hand.

For newbies, you should start by mastering heroes like Lucio, Bastion, Soldier 76, and Reinhardt — these are pretty good options for beginner players.

  1. Master Your Movements

Snipers are blood-thirty, and they’d love to take you down at any chance.

The solution?

Constant movement!

If you want to last long in the game, then you’ve got to master the art of constant movement.

Constant movement is the only way of avoiding quick elimination in the game.

By moving the right way, you get to confuse the sniper, thereby prolonging your life.

If you’re playing with high target heroes, then you’ve got to watch your back at every step of the way.

Do you want the sniper to get a perfect shot?

Probably not! And you can achieve it by proper positioning and constant movement.

  1. Focus on The Game Objective

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well, most players make such mistakes during gameplay.

Your team is playing pretty well, you’re on a killing spree, and you tend to advance more into the enemy’s territory.

The thing is; killing and dominating during gameplay is good, but you’d either win or lose depending on how well you achieve the game objective.

If the game objective is to capture a point, then focus on it.

Yes, you should go ahead and cause some damages to the opposing team. But understand that your success or failure is dependent on how well you achieve the game-winning objective.

All in all, cause some damages, creatively shoot and kill opposing teams, but focus on the mission objective — because that’s what’d cause you to win.

  1. Fight as a Team

This is a common mistake among players.

Amidst the thrill and chaos of the in-game adventure, some players tend to get lost in the fight and charge towards the opposing team.

Here’s where they make a mistake — they charge into enemy territory alone and get destroyed by the organized opposing team.

Overwatch is designed to be a team game — and as such, folks should play it as a team.

Charge alongside your team players and don’t get lost during gameplay.

When you’re among your team players, you can quickly get back up when you need it.

Conclusion — Start Your Winning Streak Today

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve played the game a couple of times, you can start your winning streak today by merely adjusting your style of play.

First off, you should master one character from each class, learn your movements, and focus on the game objective.

What’s more, you should integrate entirely into your team and fight as a single unit.

Your turn — Have you had a winning streak before? What secret recipe helped you to achieve that feat?

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